Mining & Industry



There is evidence of gold, uranium, diamonds and other minerals in the region, and considerable exploration activity is being undertaken.

Rock is mined at Yaringa for provision of gravels for road building and smaller quarries operate north of Carnarvon mining road base material of lesser quality (limestone etc.) Semi precious stones such as tourmaline, amethyst and variscite are mined in modest quantities in the upper Gascoyne.

There is significant oil and gas mining activity offshore of North West Cape in the Carnarvon Basin. Offshore oil and gas revenue is not included in the statistics for the Gascoyne because it is extracted from Commonwealth waters.

The Department of Mines and Petroleum maintain data on mining activity in the Gascoyne and the State as well as providing information such as geophysical surveys.

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retail and industry

Carnarvon is the regional hub of the Gascoyne Region. The town hosts many essential services and government agencies. 

Note: Some content sourced from Gascoyne Development Commission