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We Only Have One Home



The Carnarvon Chamber of Commerce and Industry's Buy Local campaign is a dynamic and essential annual initiative designed to bolster the local economy and provide vital support to retail businesses and services in the region. With a strategic timing that precedes the Christmas season, the campaign aims to reinvigorate the local economy after the conclusion of the tourism season, ensuring sustainable growth and prosperity for the community.

Key to the success of this campaign is the active involvement of Chamber members, who enjoy a range of benefits by participating. By making a qualifying purchase of $25 or more from a local business, Chamber members gain the opportunity to share in Chamber of Commerce Vouchers, collectively totaling up to an impressive $6,500. These vouchers are valuable assets that can be utilised within the local community, thus creating a virtuous cycle of support and financial reinvestment in the region.

The Carnarvon Chamber of Commerce and Industry's Buy Local campaign epitomises the concept of community empowerment, fostering a sense of unity and resilience among local businesses. Through its strategic incentives and collective efforts, the campaign not only enhances the overall economic landscape but also strengthens the bonds within the business community. This approach exemplifies the Chamber's dedication to fostering a vibrant and sustainable local economy, making it a vital force in Carnarvon's economic development.

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